Bouncing Back

It’s not so easy bouncing back
Having trouble getting out of the sack
So lucky to be alive
Thank the lord I survived
Working that day at the Twin Towers
My boss brought in some flowers,
Gazing out the window
I started to feel a little low
My co-worker ask me what is wrong
You always seem so happy, humming a song
I got, ill feeling something wasn’t right
It brought on a strong fright
Suddenly a big explosion came from the floor above
Everyone got so excited and started to shove
Glass and furniture flying all around
People jumping out of the building, hitting the ground
Such sickening sight it was, to see people dying this way
This will be the saddest day,
Great pressure trying to get out of this inferno
Everyone seeking an exit, before the building would blow
People pushing, losing their mind
Wanted to get to safety in time
Death will not be on my door step
Staying alive, I will win this bet
Bouncing back from this ordeal
The numbness I still feel,
It’s going to take awhile
For me to have a happy smile
All my loved ones, relatives and friends that are gone,
They went to the great beyond
When Christmas does get here,
Thinking about them brings on a tear.

By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved