Years later who do you blame
So many tips and warnings that came
To all those in charge on top
That this the worst day in history, could have been stopped,
That the ones in power became so blind
Should have seen the sign
The blunder that was plain to see
Why did this have to be
All that handwriting on the wall
Was as clear as shining light in a hall
All the vital information pouring in
On those worthless humans, just hanging on a limb
It was so, so clear
That the eyes on that person, couldn’t see this bloody day,
Was on its way and getting so near
And yet the red light was there
Not even a finger or a hair
Should have been raised,
Swift action should have been taken to stop this maze
When getting such clues,
And all that accurate news
Just like stepping on a bug
Before it hides under a rug
Which means all the prove is in your hands
And to stop serious trouble before it lands
You can’t take anything for granted,
Nor any knowledge you get you must not abandoned
Many Americans didn’t have to die
We had that chance to knock them out of the sky
For the oversight that was done,
Next time around they will never see the sun,
We don’t have to ask “why”
Our tight security is standing by
Even so, any threat to our nation,
There shouldn’t be any hesitation
To stop the enemy dead in their tracks
And to give them the final ax
911 that was caused by poor judgment
Made a lot of resentment,
It should never happen again
For the terrorist that were sent,
Shall perish at the end.

By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved