What is a Terrorist

Is a person or persons with a sick mind
They have no values for humankind
Staying up all night
Thinking of who they can kill or fight
The lowest form of a human you can find
Just like living in the jungle with a killer lion
They are always on the prowl
Looking and seeing how,
To make a vicious attach
On those special VIPS, who aren’t looking back
Just like a snake in the grass
Their identity won’t last
Blowing up buildings, taking over planes,
Then finding human remains
The terrorist is animal as well
The leaders are idiots as you can tell
They are worthless and ruthless
Their powers will become powerless
For such a thing to be born
Causing thousands to mourn
A terrorist is a thing
Just like a leach he does cling,
Sucking the live out of a human being
Has no heart and never fearing
He has no place on this earth
So people can live in peace, and not get hurt
What is a terrorist
A worldwide menace
A terrorist , one day will be no more
The strength of our peaceful nations,
Will end this senseless war.
By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved