Twin Towers

A great symbol of New York
Where many people did work
Hundredths of companies making deals every day,
So much business coming their way
Everyone getting their break,
Drinking coffee and eating cake
Taking a stroll thru the park
Whistling and happy as a lark
The Towers were built, solid as a rock
Not hearing anyone that would mock,
A super structure of this size,
The strongest winds it defies
Groups of people working together
Commuting here in all kind of weather
A wonderful restaurant to dine at
A fantastic atmosphere where I sat
I rode the elevator all the way to the top,
There was a light rain shower, I waited until it stop
The sky became so clear
Not realizing a nightmare was near
God was with me, he saved my live
Many others didn’t survive
Crowd of people made a swift dash,
Before the Twin Towers turned into ash
Memories of this shall always last
We shall rebuild strong and fast.
By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved