The World With 911'S

The biggest tragedy was in New York City, WTC, hardest hit
They thought they had wit
Trying to knockout the Pentagon they didn’t succeed
People did die, also did bleed,
The Pentagon was damaged, but not leveled out
The terrorist continue to scout
To make other 911'S throughout the world
Just like animals living in a burrow
They are always seeking different sites
To blow up buildings with great heights
In Madrid, Spain killing 191 people blowing up a train
Injuring, wounding 1,800 Al Qaeda was the blame
52 killed and injuring 770 in London, in subways and on the bus
People seeking shelter made a mad rush
Everyone saying they blend in among us
The attack on the US destroyer Cole
They may think they have a strong hold
Like the World Trade Center, thousands were killed
Throughout the world plenty of blood was spilled
For the time has to come to stop the terrorist
Such as the Al Qaeda and Islamic Extremists
To make their powers so thin,
To blow them off the earth, like a gust of wind
That the world should get together to gain the power
That this enemy wouldn’t be able to fight for one hour
To make them so very weak,
That all the 911’S of this world, we will beat.
By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved