New York City does attract a lot of people
From all over the world transportation made it simple
It’s like the hot spot of this nation
And planning to come here, would make it a thrilling vacation
The beautiful Saint Patrick’s Cathedral you should go
42nd Street you can see a show
The best of entertainment is right here
Listen to the audience as they cheer
So many countless things to do
You will never have time to become blue
The Empire State Building has such height
Statue Of Liberty is quite a sight
A lot of tours you can go on
So much fun you will have thru the night and beyond
The city has so much pride
Happiness I just can’t hide
The city is just like a big dream
All the people I have met were courteous and not mean
I should show my full respect to Ground Zero
To those that lost their lives, cops and firemen each one a hero
New York City is filled with glory
Despite the tragic story
By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved