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  • Jonathan Baker

    Last Updated:11/10/16

    Soul Wave
    2003 One of the earlier pieces. Published in Surfer Magazine.
  • Jonathan Baker

    Last Updated:11/10/16

    Falling with Grace
    When turned sideways, the jumpers become visible as smoke and flame pour from the Twin Towers. Paradise awaits on the right. My father is an orthopedic surgeon. I've grown up with skeletons and anatomy books everywhere. He inspires me with his love and his own grace.
  • Jonathan Baker

    Last Updated:11/10/16

    People Wave #23
    We are all part of something bigger. How we live and how we face our mortality define who we are.
  • Mandeep Bal

    Last Updated:10/13/10

    9/11 AS Art Project
    Im doing a 9/11 AS Art project in school. It is something that affected the world and so I thought that it would be a good topic.
  • Leslie Baldwin Pickrell

    Last Updated:01/15/14

    Infamy beholds the trauma of September 11, 2001 through the use of stippling, (art created by using dots only).