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  • Ronald William Cadmus

    Last Updated:06/25/08

  • Paul Cahan

    Last Updated:09/01/16

    During 2001 I worked in Corporate Relations in Manhattan for a large non-profit. Many of our clients were, and are the businesses downtown. I witnessed the burning building after the first plane hit from a safe distance, I was horrified, speechless, in shock as everyone around me. When I visited downtown clients who survived many weeks after 9...
  • Paul Cahan

    Last Updated:09/01/16

    We Do Not Forget (Close Up)
    For the description, please see the first statement from the first photo. thank you. Paul Cahan
  • Delmar Cain

    Last Updated:10/12/11

    Sky,Wing, Fire: 9/11
    I am a (male)retired V.A. librarian living in Orlando,Florida; working in the Jackson Pollock style of painting. The blue and silver were was spray painted on. The rest is thrown paint. No brush was used. We were going to do a 9/11 exhibit in Orlando for Sept.,2011 . I dreamed this painting, and having paper near my bed was able to sketch out...
  • Tony Calderone

    Last Updated:06/11/14

    "The Lost Faces of the World Trade Center Buildings"
    This is a piece that I created out of marble 5 years ago. I really think that it is a fitting tribute to the all the lives that were lost in the towers. The marble is slender and tall, just like the towers. I carved the faces and made them smooth, but I made the faces "sleep like" leaving out great details of the faces. The back...