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  • Sean Egan

    Last Updated:08/07/08

    Untitled art
  • Kirk Eipper

    Last Updated:08/30/11

  • Maria Elkins

    Last Updated:07/05/11

    Untitled art

    Last Updated:09/17/09

    an image to be used for generating funds to those directly affected by 9/11 not a peace sign but a two finger side by side representation of pride, duty, and reflection. j.ellis
  • Freya Ellis

    Last Updated:01/22/15

    9/11 collage monorail
    My latest college project. 911 memorial. Here i created a collage of one of the youngest 911 victims Juliana Ruth McCourt. made from nothing but 911 news paper articles. when i resonantly visited the twin towers museum, it inspired to create something more meaningful. This is an memorial for Juilana and everyone who lost their life's on...