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  • Linda Hack

    Last Updated:12/26/10

    First drawing
    Drawing Number One Let me tell you about the first drawing reproduced on the following page. What I see in the image is the merging of good and evil symbolized by the creature having only one angelic wing. I took this drawing and others to a coffee house inFt. Myers,...
  • Linda Hack

    Last Updated:12/26/10

    Drawing Two
    Drawing Number Two As with drawing number one, drawing number two was a mystery to me. In doing research I found that since ancient times, birds with their connection to the sky have long been thought of as a supernatural or mythical link between heavens and earth. Middle eastern and Asian cultures often conceptualize birds...
  • Dean Hacohen

    Last Updated:09/06/11

    This graphic has appeared in national and regional newspapers and magazines over the past eight years in remembrance of September 11, 2001.
  • Kathleen Hageman

    Last Updated:02/13/14

    United We Stand, Together We Grieve
  • Bill Hahn

    Last Updated:11/17/11

    Untitled art