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  • Linda Hack

    Last Updated:12/26/10

    Drawing Four
    Drawing Number Four The drawing appears to be a picture within several pictures. If you turn the drawing it yields a clearer view of the different images. My impression is that the drawing shows a bird-fish image emerging from the main figure. As with the early drawings the bird may represent the human soul. The fish became a symbol...
  • Linda Hack

    Last Updated:12/26/10

    Drawing Five
    Drawing Number Five What I see in this drawing is a wild boar lurking about waiting. What is known about wild boar is that by nature is they are very distrustful and destructive. The boar is sacred in the Wicca religion. It is both cunning and ferocious. The boar symbolizes a warrior spirit, courage, leadership and direction....
  • Dean Hacohen

    Last Updated:09/06/11

    This graphic has appeared in national and regional newspapers and magazines over the past eight years in remembrance of September 11, 2001.
  • Kathleen Hageman

    Last Updated:02/13/14

    United We Stand, Together We Grieve
  • Bill Hahn

    Last Updated:11/17/11

    Untitled art