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  • Linda Hack

    Last Updated:12/26/10

    Devil Image
    This picture was drawn by me on 10/15/2001. Days later, while surfing the internet, I found the a photograph taken from the top of a building as the Twin Towers burned on 09/11/01 and it looked just like my drawing You can only imagine how shocked I was when I saw the picture and its similarity. Had I subliminally captured this...
  • Linda Hack

    Last Updated:12/26/10

    The Rapture
    This is titled The Rapture! It is one of my favorites, because it was drawn in the dark of the night after awaking out of a restful sleep. I was then urged to pick up pencil and paper. Once finished back to bed I went not even looking at what I had drawn. Upon waking the next morning I found this drawing.
  • Dean Hacohen

    Last Updated:09/06/11

    This graphic has appeared in national and regional newspapers and magazines over the past eight years in remembrance of September 11, 2001.
  • Kathleen Hageman

    Last Updated:02/13/14

    United We Stand, Together We Grieve
  • Bill Hahn

    Last Updated:11/17/11

    Untitled art