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  • Bill Hahn

    Last Updated:11/17/11

    Untitled art
  • Heather Haley

    Last Updated:08/31/09

    Heather Haley atop the Word Trade Center
    Photo of me taken by my beloved Peter Haskell.
  • Dan Hall

    Last Updated:08/28/17

    When Peace Will Last
  • Joan Hall

    Last Updated:10/06/08

    Omni Magazine Photo Contest
    In 1980 OMNI Magazine held a photo contest on the theme of the year 2000. I created this sculpture out of clock parts, lights, velvet, wood, and a photo of the twin towers. I called it "The World Trade Center Going To Heaven". John Budde, a photographer, took this shot of it and we entered the contest together. It won first prize!!!...
  • Joan Hall

    Last Updated:10/06/08

    "The World Trade Center Going to Heaven"
    This is the original sculpture of the OMNI Magazine first prize winner on the theme of "The Year 2000". The original art was stolen, but prints are available upon request. Photo by John Budde.