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  • Dan Hall

    Last Updated:08/28/17

    When Peace Will Last
  • Joan Hall

    Last Updated:10/06/08

    Omni Magazine Photo Contest
    In 1980 OMNI Magazine held a photo contest on the theme of the year 2000. I created this sculpture out of clock parts, lights, velvet, wood, and a photo of the twin towers. I called it "The World Trade Center Going To Heaven". John Budde, a photographer, took this shot of it and we entered the contest together. It won first prize!!!...
  • Rob Halligan

    Last Updated:08/29/17

    Streets of this Town
    A week after 9-11 I visited New York with my brothers to find out what we could and to see first hand the place where our dad had died. During the time I was there I wrote a number of songs but Streets Of This Town became something of an anthem of hope. It was 4 years later I had the opportunity to film the video for the song. I'm a...
  • Rob Halligan

    Last Updated:08/02/10

    Untitled art
  • Rob Halligan

    Last Updated:08/29/17

    This was filmed for BBC's Song's of Praise in 2007. Coventry, my hometown in the UK, is a city of reconciliation.