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  • Joan Hall

    Last Updated:10/06/08

    "The World Trade Center Going to Heaven"
    This is the original sculpture of the OMNI Magazine first prize winner on the theme of "The Year 2000". The original art was stolen, but prints are available upon request. Photo by John Budde.
  • Brian Hall

    Last Updated:09/25/12

    B4 - 9/11
    Image design and edited by Brian W. Hall. I do not know who took this original image. I downloaded it, from a free site on the web. Then I went to work in Photoshop. The flag in the background I did take, cutting the sky out of the image.
  • Rob Halligan

    Last Updated:08/29/17

    Streets of this Town
    A week after 9-11 I visited New York with my brothers to find out what we could and to see first hand the place where our dad had died. During the time I was there I wrote a number of songs but Streets Of This Town became something of an anthem of hope. It was 4 years later I had the opportunity to film the video for the song. I'm a...
  • Rob Halligan

    Last Updated:08/02/10

    Untitled art
  • Rob Halligan

    Last Updated:08/29/17

    This was filmed for BBC's Song's of Praise in 2007. Coventry, my hometown in the UK, is a city of reconciliation.