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  • Rob Halligan

    Last Updated:08/29/17

    Angels Doorway Documentary
    A teaser video for a documentary we're hoping to make
  • Pieter Ham

    Last Updated:12/12/14

    Allahu Akbar...
    Painting with all names of the WTC victimes
  • Pieter Ham

    Last Updated:12/12/14

    detail of the painting "Allahu Akbar"
    An impression of the great disaster in which embedded all names of the victims.
  • Joan Hamilton

    Last Updated:10/21/10

    That Ill-Fated Morn!
  • Joan Hammel

    Last Updated:03/14/11

    The words to America were written by Dan Daley from Zenda, WI to accompany the melody to Londonderry Air, better known as Danny Boy. He wrote it in response to the events on 9-11. He is a veteran of the US military. He asked vocalist Joan Hammel to sing on it ( and Louis Faro to perform the keyboards. It has led to Joan...