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  • Len Jacobs

    Last Updated:11/20/09

    The Pit, 9/15/2001
  • Len Jacobs

    Last Updated:11/10/09

    Brother, where art thou?
    Retired FDNY Mike Lennon looks out despondently over the wreckage of the Trade Center towers.
  • Len Jacobs

    Last Updated:11/10/09

    Ground Zero, 9/15/01
    Photograph taken on the morning of Sept. 15, 2001.
  • Len Jacobs

    Last Updated:11/13/09

    You touch our lives
    After 9/11 firehouses all over NY City were decorated with tributes, prayers, flowers and messages from well-wishers and sympathizers from all over the world. This shot was taken in Greenwich Village.
  • alan jacobson

    Last Updated:01/10/15

    citizens of new york #1
    ctizens experiencing the immediate moments after the attack in brown and red