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  • Len Jacobs

    Last Updated:11/13/09

    Tragic Duty
    Down in "The Pit" rescue and recovery efforts came to a temporary halt whenever a fragment of one of the victims was found. The look on people's faces says it all.
  • Len Jacobs

    Last Updated:11/13/09

    Just Stunned
    Frustration, despair and anger shows on the faces of these rescue and recovery workers as they contemplate the wreckage down in "The Pit" on Sept. 15, 2001.
  • Wayne Jacobs

    Last Updated:09/12/15

    A heart felt 9/11 country tribute song made in Nashville for all those that fell and all those that carry on. Music & Lyrics by Wayne Jacobs produce by Tom Manche in Nashville.
  • Len Jacobs

    Last Updated:11/20/09

    To Our Brothers
    One of the thousands of memorials outside NYC firehouses in memory of the brave firemen who lost their lives trying to save their fellow men and women in the Trade Center disaster.
  • alan jacobson

    Last Updated:01/10/15

    citizens of new york #1
    ctizens experiencing the immediate moments after the attack in brown and red