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  • Jon M. Nelson

    Last Updated:05/23/14

    September 11th, 2001
    This a poem that was written as the events were unfolding. I was on a peacekeeping mission with the Army over in Egypt and I was watching this tragedy on the news network that we had over there. I felt so helpless at the time.
  • Vianey nelson

    Last Updated:03/12/12

    This painting became a postcard that toured the world and starred around 215 articles worldwide. It was selected by some means of communications among the 20 most important works in commemoration of 9/11 these include Oliver Stone,Nicolas Cage(World Trade Center-2006),Jon Von Jovi (undivided), Michael Moore(Documental Fahrenheit) and Jonathan...
  • Jon M. Nelson

    Last Updated:05/23/14

    September 11th, 2011
    This is a follow up poem that was written on the tenth anniversary of that horrible day. It was a way to remember what we went through and what happened as a nation following the tragedy.
  • Richard Nelson

    Last Updated:09/27/10

    "The Crying Door"
    Materials for "the Crying Door were collected from the base of WFC #3 abutting #1 WTC North Tower . For more information on the creation of the sculpture ,it's origins and documentation behind it , visit and explore the tabs provided . Artist : Richard...
  • Kenneth Nelson

    Last Updated:09/07/09