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  • Susan Obrant

    Last Updated:06/15/18

    The weeping Policeman
    From the first memorial this image haunted me till I painted it
  • Susan Obrant

    Last Updated:06/15/18

    One year after 911 I painted an orchid in a vase combining the organic form with hard edge masking tape and lo, the towers re-emerged. I called it Gravitas
  • Jim OConnor

    Last Updated:04/30/11

    Untitled art
  • Jim OConnor

    Last Updated:04/08/11

    September 12, 2001
    On September 12, 2001 I arrived in New York at dawn from my home in Boston to begin a journey of several weeks working as a grief counselor for an Employee Assistance Program. At the same time my brother Tom and his wife Jean were embarking on their own journey as first responders at the Pentagon site. It took 9 years to begin to write a song...
  • Eileen Oda

    Last Updated:02/21/17

    Talibanned, 2005