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  • Eileen Oda

    Last Updated:02/21/17

    Remember Him, 2005
  • Eileen Oda

    Last Updated:02/21/17

    World Trade Center 2002
    First in the series from the Nine Eleven series of drawings depicting a lone businessman shaken and in stunned disbelief at the terrorist attacks that killed thousands of people and destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001
  • Eileen Oda

    Last Updated:02/21/17

    First Amendment Rites 2002
  • Brad Ohmit

    Last Updated:09/06/11

    10th anniversary picture by brad ohmit
  • Dave Ojika

    Last Updated:09/21/11

    Remembering 9/11
    On September 11 2001, terrorists attacked World Trade Centre and Defense HQ, claiming lives of innocent victims. Today, and exactly 10 years after the first plane struck, America observes a one minute silence nationwide in stamping the memory of those who lost their lives.