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  • haiyan wang

    Last Updated:01/09/15

    America Rising
  • Doris Washington

    Last Updated:08/19/11

    Author Doris Washington BookSigning Event
    Author Doris Washington signs copies of her book "A Blessing, Caring & Sharing" during Blacks In Government Book Signing Event Washington DC, April 12, 2007
  • Monica Watson

    Last Updated:05/14/09

  • Joseph Watts

    Last Updated:08/05/14

    The Lost City
    Oil Painting on Masonite 15"X22"
  • Joseph Watts

    Last Updated:08/05/14

    The Lost City Blue Sky
    Actually, I originally took this picture about an hour earlier than the other (painting which I did eary 2012). I think the second painting combined with the first gives an overall better perspective of what the skyline look like. They're almost the exact same size and dimensions, but this one I prepared a canvas for while the first is on...