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  • Holly Wayne

    Last Updated:12/07/17

    NEW YORK: 98.6
    Metalar(TM) Resin and Industrial Artifacts. NEW YORK: 98.6 is thus named for the thermometer used atop the North Tower and the human significance of that number.
  • Holly Wayne

    Last Updated:02/21/17

    NEW YORK: 98.6 & Artist (for scale)
    I was compelled to collect artifacts to create a NY skyline piece for 2 years prior to 9/11. The fact that I collected the components prior to the disaster seems to give it an added poignancy, and also in some inexplicable ways, helps make it uplifting.
  • Kelly Weaver

    Last Updated:02/26/19

    And the earth stood still
    Mixed-media rendering created while I watched it all unfold on TV... my way of coping - Kelly L Weaver
  • J. Griffith Weaver

    Last Updated:08/29/17

    The Last Goodbye by I-95
    A video tribute to those lost on September 11,2001
  • Richard Weinberger

    Last Updated:05/14/14

    Ghost Towers
    I took a photo of the towers in 2000. They are enveloped in an early morning haze. This image evokes strong feelings of loss and remembrance.