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  • B.J. Wayne

    Last Updated:06/12/12

    The NPR announcer interrupted the music to say a plane had hit one of the World Trade Towers. Having lived within blocks of the Towers for years, I assumed it was a tourist plane flying too low. I had the bad luck to turn on CNN just as the second plane hit. Frantically trying to reach Dan, my husband, at work, I watched the disaster worsen...
  • Holly Wayne

    Last Updated:02/21/17

    Looking up at Twin Towers (Close-up) NY: 98.6
  • J. Griffith Weaver

    Last Updated:08/29/17

    The Last Goodbye by I-95
    A video tribute to those lost on September 11,2001
  • Richard Weinberger

    Last Updated:05/14/14

    Ghost Towers
    I took a photo of the towers in 2000. They are enveloped in an early morning haze. This image evokes strong feelings of loss and remembrance.
  • Peggy Weis

    Last Updated:07/11/16

    Devil's Inferno
    This pair of mixed media artwork was done in the days immediately following 9/11. Using altered photographs from the newspapers, and various transfer, collage, printmaking and painting techniques, I wanted to portray and immortalize the horrors of that day.