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  • George Walker

    Last Updated:08/28/17

    Book of Hours a wordless novel told with 99 wood engravings
    In the "Book of Hours," wood engraver George A. Walker creates a modern-day, secular devotional that captures in narrative imagery what is too devastating for words: the individual moments of innocence and routine life that ended with the onslaught of 9/11.
  • George Walker

    Last Updated:09/19/14

    Q & A - the Book of Hours
    Caroline Langill PhD interviews George Walker about the Book of Hours.
  • Rick Wallace

    Last Updated:10/12/11

    911 Tribute
    This is my tribute to 911. This wooden Intarsia cut out took me 30 hrs. to complete.There are 90 pieces to it and eight wood types.Which are poplar,walnut,maple,aspen,hickory,oak,mahogany and aspen.The piece measures 36"x24" and a thickness of 2 1/2". I cut,shaped,sanded,finished and wood glued all the pieces to the 3/4" aspen...
  • Rick Wallace

    Last Updated:10/12/11

    911 Tribute p2
    Everything is the natural color of the wood.There's no paint or stains just a clear Tung oil finish.I had to sand with three different sand paper grits add a coat of finish.Buff with fine steel wool and repeat 3 times to get the shine.
  • haiyan wang

    Last Updated:01/09/15

    911 Memorial