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  • wei zhang

    Last Updated:06/04/13

    The Pain
    911 Artwork Series is oil painting on canvas. The series contains 6 pieces. This series was created for remembering 911. Each piece of the painting expresses a scene. Wei uses his own techniques and methods to express 911 Artwork in an abstract art painting style. You can see that the major color of this painting series is in red. Wei expresses...
  • Biying Zhang

    Last Updated:07/15/14

    Firework No.3
  • Karen Zielinski

    Last Updated:06/04/16

    Leap of Faith - "Towers"
    A recording of my artistic interpretation of the Towers' splendor and impressiveness rising to the clouds while glistening in the sun. Then the story of how it then crumbled. Telling the tale of the fallen souls rising to the heavens while children watched through their tears and the clouds of smoke upon the ruble.
  • Karen Zielinski

    Last Updated:06/04/16

    Leap of Faith - "My America"
    A song that expresses the lose of innocence from what was once held dear in our country: the beauty and peace provided from God's grace. This unfolds into an anthem about the eagle prevailing, still perceived as the hope and the eye of the needle for life.
  • Karen Zielinski

    Last Updated:08/28/17

    Princeton Arts Council Live - "Towers" and "My America"
    This is a live performance at the Princeton Arts Council in Princeton, N.J. right after the attack of 9-11. This details the experience of an employee at Oppenheimer Funds who survived the attack, and two original songs are performed in honor of those who lost their lives.