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  • Twin Towers

    I was in my office in New Jersey when the news broke. Along with fellow co-workers, we all packed into a conference room and watched the news as the first and then second tower were struck to everyone’s disbelief. My son Matthew was in the DC area; so my mind then switched to his safety as news of the Pentagon attack was announced. It was one of...

  • New York City Jabros R N Town

    Jabros R N Town, this is an encouraging history telling of me, Alf Baez, in New York City! I'm making a strong emphasis how much through the years I've been so fascinated and grateful with this great city and its beautiful people. In homage I've written a tribute song and produced a video clip along to commemorate 9-11 anniversary....

  • The Eagle Still Flies - A 10 Year Anniversary Tribute to 9/11 Cover Art

    Song cover art.

  • Night of 9/11 Seabright N.J.

    Two young boys waving flag at passing traffic on the evening of 9/11 in Sea Bright New Jersey. The cars honked in response as they went by. They needed to do something.

  • September 12th

    This original oil painting created by New York based Realist Artist, Garin Baker was done just days after the 9/11 event. Garin Baker traveled to lower Manhattan on the evening of September 11th 2001 to capture this view from Canal Street looking south to the disaster site. In the distance you can see the smoldering wreckage of the WTC as two...