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  • escape outside

    escape outside is painting take of photo paper daily (i dont know the name of photographer......if you help me....)ok. of crash of 11/9. the technician is: up collage centre is acrilic paints inspiration from italian divisionismo and futurismo years 1930. in down collage.. for me 11/9 is very upset. i to realize this painting in my school of...

  • America Holds On

    The Twin Towers with the American Flag wrapped in and out and around the towers. I had this idea (with this original flag-wrapping) in Oct. of 2001, and painted it on an oblong canvas (using acrylics) but the perspective was off yet I will not get rid of it. This entry painting, a request from my husband, was made to hang in his office, which was...

  • Lest We Forget

    COPYRIGHTED: 501018183 * There are 3 images: The Twin Towers, The Pentagon and the field that the last plane went down in. spiritual/faith To honor a tragedy in a spiritual way. Showing that God is always watching over his Angels. All lost in this great tragedy will never be forgotten.

  • Why?

  • The day They Hit the Towers