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  • A Decade on The Hudson River

    Collaborative effort by eighth grade students at St. Joseph School in Mendham, NJ to create a 9/11 Memorial commemorating what was lost, sacrifices made, the resiliency of the American Spirit, and that miracles happen in the most dynamic city on earth. This painting now hangs outside the library of our school and we remember every day.

  • Untitled art

  • 9/11 Memorial

    The 2002 9/11 Memorial was installed in Bellevue Downtown Park from September11 through Oct. 15, 2002, along with the 2002 Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition in Bellevue, Washington. The tags hanging on both towers bore the names of the ~3000 victims of 9/11/01. The sculpture was funded through with support from the Bellevue Arts Commission,...

  • September 11

    My September 11 painting is completely symbolic. You are looking through a window towards Ground Zero. In front of the window is a Picasso-like table upon which rests a bowl of fruit and a cup and saucer, which is covered in grey to represent the ash that covered everything around the area. A pair of spectacles leans from the table broken, to...

  • 'Flag with Unknown Shadow'

    This image 'Flag with Unknown Shadow' is one of the artworks in the solo exhibition by Elizabeth Lamont that was dedicated to 9/11 in 2005. This drawing first Exhibited in the' America' Exhibition 2005 in Brisbane, Australia. Subsequently it was exhibited in the Alice Art Award, NT, and the Cowra Art Awards, NSW, Australia.