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  • 911: The Convergence of Media, Tragedy and Community

    This multi media piece is made from live uncut news footage from 6 different news stations (NBC, CBS, BBC, CNN, FOX, ABC) which aired on the morning of 9/11/01. All footage is synced and starts at 8:48am. The audio highlights different stations throughout the video so that we get an overview of the reporting as a whole. Approximately one...

  • Steel the center of the world

    When i visited the City of New York for the very first time back in 1991, i couldnt help to watch those magnificent buildings framing the lower Manhattan landscape. Was really amazing how the towers along with the sun seemed to create an entrance to another reality. A reality which only exist in NYC.

  • Courage

    We watched the towers fall from our studio in Seattle, awakened by a phone call from our son in Rochester, NY. The next time we were in New York we visited the site, and an unusual piece of graffiti caught my eye, on the fence alongside St. Paul's Chapel. Someone had scrawled the word “courage” on the wall, already decorated with hundreds of...

  • One Clear Morning

  • Toothpick 9/11 Tree4

    The memorial is modeled after a willow tree, and stands 8 ft tall. Pantoja roughly used 13,000 toothpicks, with some paper and rocks also included in the construction. The leaves of the sculpture are made out of paper and each one has written on it the name of a person who died in the 9/11 attacks. There are a total of 2,983 paper leaves, blue for...