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  • September 16th

  • Flowers for Amy

  • Oh, no

    This little quilt was made to honor the horror of 9/11. It is made of commercial and hand-dyed cotton fabrics, raw-edge appliqued with machine stitching, and additionally colored with pencils and inks. The second picture is a more detailed shot of the same small piece.

  • BOOK OF HOURS: A wordless novel told in 99 wood engravings

    BOOK OF HOURS is a wordless novel told with 99 wood engravings. The world is now split into two timelines; the world before 9-11 and the world after. The Book of Hours takes us from September 10th 2001 until the morning of September 11th. The story follows the office workers in the Twin Towers as they go about an average day. This book explores...

  • 911 Tribute

    This is my tribute to 911. This wooden Intarsia cut out took me 30 hrs. to complete.There are 90 pieces to it and eight wood types.Which are poplar,walnut,maple,aspen,hickory,oak,mahogany and aspen.The piece measures 36"x24" and a thickness of 2 1/2". I cut,shaped,sanded,finished and wood glued all the pieces to the 3/4" aspen...