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I was born in Manhattan,( Mid City) New York City....a year before
Pearl Harbor...both my parents were immigrants and met and married in
Manhattan...I grew up in Manhattan...
then Queens,N.Y. tru the 40's....going to PS 15 (St Albans)...then
moving to New Jersey in "49...
lived and went to school in Linden N.J....spending much time in NYC as
relatives on both sides
still lived in NYC....after graduating from college in South Jersey...I
taught school then joined
the Navy and was stationed in Southern 1963....after
several trips to the Far East ...seeing
action in Da Nang and Chu Lai, Viet Nam .....I came back to California
to settle into civilian life in the late 60's...
living in San Diego...San Francisco and Palm Springs...Now I live in
Arizona... along the beautiful
Colorado River....I also live part time in Rosarito, Beach
Mexico..(love Mexico).......
I am truly a West Coast American....having lived here 47 years...

I like other Americans did not know personally or have a personal
connection to a victim of that horrific attack....and can not know that
pain that those family members and friends experience and will for the
rest of their lives....
but most Americans ...from all over this great country....will always
remember 911 as an attack on our COUNTRY....and will NEVER
get those images out of our minds..

We all remember
how New Yorkers
felt after Pearl Harbor ......I remember watching with my Dad
the great TV series "Victory At Sea" (about the war in the Pacific)
.in the 1950's .... and how deeply he felt about that war and how he
felt about the Pearl Harbor attack....both my parents were naturalized
citizens before WW2....I visited the "Arizona Memorial" when in the
Navy and years later as a tourist in Hawaii...I know what it
do all Americans.

New Yorkers felt the depth of that attack as much as those living in
Hawaii.....and all through that war and still today the phrase
"Remember Pearl Harbor" means a great deal.....New Yorkers were just
as sensitive to that attack....

Those now living in Hawaii..(or California--Arizona or Alaska to
Oklahoma to Florida ) do not feel the agony of watching the vivid
pictures of 911 any less than New Yorkers....I have many friends and
relatives who tear up seeing that attack on AMERICA...

I am attaching a photo I took from the deck of the QE2 on the way to
England in 1978....we were taking my Mother to England to visit her
and a nephew living in Wales......I framed and hung this photo in my
house long before 911.....never realizing that it would render up such
sad memories years later...

I Have been a amateur photographer since my first Kodak Brownie Box camera
I got as a pre-teen.....I have taken thousands of photos....many like Twin Towers
as slides....which I am slowly in process of making passion is
landscapes and architecture.... photos taken from all over the U.S. and the world...
including the Far East and Viet Nam while in the Navy.....but not one single
photo I have ever taken brings up the emotions and meaning as the TWIN TOWERS....taken
on a Family Vacation....