Frequently Asked Questions

The Artists Registry is an online digital database created to provide a gathering place and virtual gallery for visual art, poetry and music created in response to the events of the September 11, 2001, by a diversity of artists. Additionally, it is intended to serve as a resource for the artistic community, scholars, journalists and the interested public. It is not officially curated by the 9/11 Memorial Museum staff.

To participate in the Artists Registry, individuals may self-upload digital files of their creations along with an interpretive statement, biography/resume, contact information and specifications about media and dimensions of original works. In order to create a profile, you must first establish a 9/11 Memorial website account, if you do not already have one, by entering basic information here: Once you’ve created an account, you may initiate the process of building your personal Artists Registry profile. You must have access to an active email address, which can also serve as your username, and be prepared to post a minimum of one file to the database.

Make sure your image file is a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .bmp format. The image resolution should be 72dpi, and at least 450 x 350 pixels (the database will automatically resize it for you). Large file sizes may take longer to upload. Also, please make certain your image files are RGB color and not CMYK.
Only your original songs, readings or audio recordings of your performed work should be uploaded to your portfolio page. Please make certain that your audio file is in mp3 format. You should limit your file size to a maximum of 8MB.
Only your original video artworks or video documentation of your performance art pieces should be uploaded to your portfolio page. Make certain your video file is a .mov or .mpg format. The video should be formatted to play in a 320 x 240 sized window. Large file sizes may take longer to upload and you should limit your file size to approximately 25 MB.

YouTube and Vimeo are two of the most popular video sharing sites on the Internet. Many of the Arists Registry's contributors already have accounts set up and videos posted on these "channels." To embed a YouTube or Vimeo video directly into your registry page, after logging into your artist control panel, click the tab  to "Add Art" in the left navigation. Refer to this screenshot:

On that page, use the drop-down arrow to indicate your “Artwork Type” as “Embed code.” Now, just fill out the form. You don't need to configure the service options for embedding the video; just copy the URL and paste it into the form, before filling out details about the clip To complete the process, hit the SAVE button.

Unlike digital image, audio and video contributions, poetry and creative writing files do not need to be uploaded onto the site. Instead, you can cut and paste work from a text document directly into the “Written work” field. To do so, first click the “Add Artwork” tab on your artist control panel. Under “Artwork Type,” specify “Written work” by clicking on the drop-down arrow. The selection will prompt you to then cut and paste your written work into the corresponding field from your text document. You may also indicate a title and write a description of the piece as well, if you wish.
Once you have logged in to your account, you will be taken to “My 9/11 Memorial,” your Artists Registry profile management page. The left-hand menu of this page will allow you to access your information, and change your contact information, password, and manage your images and statement and resume/bio text. Changes to contact information will take effect immediately. However, changes to images/audio/video files and statement/resume/bio content are subject to review by a 9/11 Memorial Museum Administrator.
Any time you make an adjustment to your profile, it will temporarily disappear from the public site to give the Registry administrators a chance to review your changes. Once they have viewed and approved your changes, your profile will be added back to the public site. Please allow up to 2 weeks for this to occur.
Yes – when you are on your artist portfolio page, just copy and paste the web address that shows in your browser; that is your unique address that will lead directly to your Artists Registry portfolio page.

An email address is now required. This is also how curators and other registered artists can contact you, if you wish. An email address can be used as your username for logging in to your account. There are various free email service providers.

Internet cafes and copy shops provide pay-as-you-go Internet access, and many public libraries offer free access as well.
There are many ways to create images of your artwork as a digital file from using a digital camera, scanning older slides into electronic or digital images, or creating a CD of your artwork from 35 mm film. Many commercial digital and photographic services are equipped to scan your slides.
There are two ways to search the Artists Registry: You can browse alphabetically by clicking on the first letter of your surname and scrolling through the alphabetized search results. Or, to access your profile more directly, click “Show Filters” on the right corner of the Registry homepage graphic and type your full name into the search bar; then click “search” to the immediate right to initiate results.
As long as your larger artist collective or group-created project has a communal email address, you may register your project. Only one email address is permitted for a given portfolio in the Artists Registry. On your “My Profile” homepage, if you click on the “Account Information” tab listed on the left side of the screen, go directly to “Artist Registry Information” to indicate your “Artist Type.” Click the drop down arrow and choose how you’d like to identify yourself; whether as an Individual Artist, Artist Collaboration, Gallery, Community Group or School Group.

The image of the musical notes signifies that an artist has uploaded a song or musical composition to his/her profile page and wishes to feature this piece. The image of the “play” arrow signifies that an artist has uploaded a movie file to his/her profile. The image of the feather pen signifies that the artist has uploaded a written work such as a poem, story or essay and wishes to feature it in his/her profile. Artists designated by these symbols may also have other media on their profile pages, but they have chosen to feature art pieces of these media types.

Thank you for joining the Artists Registry at the National September 11 Memorial Museum (9/11 Memorial Museum). Whether you intend to use this site as a contributing artist (“Artist”) or as a researcher (“Researcher”), we ask that you please accept the terms of this agreement, which will be applied to all your future uses of the site. Once you accept this agreement, you will be able to customize your “Favorites” and contribute artwork (“Work”), if you choose to do so. A Researcher who contributes Work will be considered an Artist for purposes of this agreement.

This agreement may be updated from time to time at the sole discretion of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center Foundation, Inc. (the “9/11 Memorial”).

The Artist represents and warrants that he/she owns the copyright and all other rights to his/her Work and agrees to grant the 9/11 Memorial a license to display his/her submitted Work within the Artists Registry database on the world wide web, within the physical Memorial Museum when it is open to the public, and in any educational publications produced by the Memorial Museum.

The Artists Registry at the National September 11 Memorial Museum employs standard safeguards to protect Work submitted to the database and displayed on the web. The Artist hereby acknowledges and accepts that the 9/11 Memorial, its directors, employees, representatives and agents shall not be liable to the Artist for any infringement or misappropriation by a third party of any intellectual property or similar rights (including any moral rights) that the Artist may have in the Work. The Artist further agrees to release, discharge, indemnify and hold the 9/11 Memorial, its directors, employees, representatives and agents harmless from any and all liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses arising out of any claim by a third party that the Work infringes or misappropriates such third party's intellectual property or similar rights (including any moral rights). Further, the Artist hereby releases the 9/11 Memorial from any claim for payment or any other compensation relating to the use of the Work.

Both the Artist and the Researcher agree to respect the copyrights of others and comply with all applicable licenses in their use of the Artists Registry. If you believe that your rights are being violated, please review our copyright policy and take-down notice procedure here.

9/11 Memorial is the sole arbiter of the content of its site, and, thus, retains the right to remove any Work from the site. 9/11 Memorial has no obligation (express or implied) to use (or post) the Work or, if commenced, to continue to use (or post) the Work and may at any time abandon the use (or posting) of the Work for any reason, with or without legal justification or excuse.

By clicking “I agree” below, the Artist or the Researcher, as applicable, acknowledges that he/she is of legal age and has read, fully understands, and agrees to be bound by the terms above.

If you reject the proposed terms above, you will not have an opportunity at this time to contribute Work (if you are an Artist) or to utilize the “Favorites” tool (if you are an Artist or a Researcher).

You acknowledge that use of the Artist’s Registry is also governed by the 9/11 Memorial site’s Term of Use.