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I specialize in a form of art in which I create composite representations of industrial scenes and cityscapes (as well as other more abstract pieces). These bas-reliefs are constructed from historical artifacts from diverse industries, accentuated by a background of metallic resin of my own invention, known as Metalar(TM). The cityscapes, in particular, capture the essential character of a city. With literal photographic images as a starting point, I create a new representation using relics (often rare broken and unappreciated antiques), giving them a three-dimensional perspective, which is enhanced by the metallic resin.

We all need to remember our past, because it has made us who we are. Cultures preserve their history and teach their lessons to the young through stories. Once the stories are lost, they are lost forever. I think that artists are today's storytellers.

I am drawn to the spirit of America's past and want to preserve a sense of what was. I want us to remember what it was that made our country great. Although I do create modern pieces, much of my art reflects America's industrial past. They become a kind of snapshot of that era, integrating in a three-dimensional way, scenes that are interesting to look at and yet, carry historical significance.

I like to think of myself as a Guardian of the Past. It is my hope that, through my art, I give voice to the past and memory to the future.