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''On September 11 the terrorists hit not only America, but everything I had believed in. That was an attack on civilization and democracy. It was also an attack on my dreams, on America that was to me - and countless others, I'm sure - the promised Eden. I do believe that good will triumph over evil. And although I do not know what needs to be done to make it happen, I do know that tragedy brought out great heroism in many people: firefighters, police officers and others. They have to be remembered... Please, notice this: my previous works were much different, both in form and subject matter. The attack on WTC changed that. America is the land of opportunities. I think She should be appreciated for that. I am absolutely positive that the greatest value in the USA, and at the same time the greatest pride of this nation, is giving huge numbers of people from all over the world the hope for a good life, the opportunity to pursue their professional, academic or artistic careers. The USA offers tremendous opportunities, it is the land of dreams for millions of people. What happened on September 11 was to people like me not only an attack on America, but the attacks on dreams. I couldn't have not done those reliefs. They are my tribute to the USA, to its citizens, to democracy and also to the opportunities that this country gives to so many. And believe me, however bombastic these words may sound, there was nothing artificial, fake or opportunistic about my decision to make those pieces.
In the future I'd like to return to my old style. And I know I will. I'll put it this way: I strongly believe that I will never have to work on pieces like the WTC reliefs.
I simply hope that a nightmare similar to September 11 will never happen again.
God bless America. God bless our dreams...''

The September 11

This city so beautiful and distant
She repelled me today.
In a single moment doomed for a war,
Doomed for defense, and doomed for a fight.
And the Heaven and the Earth blended in one
And they sank into dusk, and they sank into dusk, and they sank into dusk….

Stoian A. Valkov