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At age 12, I straddled my favorite branch of an old oak tree, a silent witness to a century of life on my grandparent’s farm in East Texas. More or less grafted to the roots of that tree, I remember squinting at the farm house, with its tin roof glinting in the sun, and being moved, almost to tears, by the precious gift of life.

I’m not sure when I began to believe we humans are more alike than different. Maybe it was in that moment, or another moment like it. Or maybe I was born believing each of us is grafted to the same root of an old family tree. In any event, much of my life’s direction has been guided by my belief that we each have within us the capacity to live compassionate lives, caring for one another and the planet on which we live.

I have a keen interest in people and their stories. In the past, I was a human development specialist, writing, lecturing and leading workshops on personal growth and spiritual development. I graduated with a M.A. in counseling psychology from The College of New Jersey, and continued to pursue my studies in Jungian psychology, archaeology, mythology, anthropology and world religions.

These days, my husband and I divide our time between Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and Marco Island, Florida. In addition to attending The Thread Project, I am writing a memoir that will, no doubt, make mention of my grandparents' tree. Occasionally, I still can be found in the limbs of an old tree, looking off into the distance, for a glint of shining light.