Response Art Stories

1,000 Crane Quilt »

The Friendship Quilt features 1,000 cranes, which are significant because of their popular association with healing properties in Asia, appliquéd onto fabric squares and along its border.

Flag of Remembrance »

The Flag of Remembrance was inspired by the proliferation of missing persons posters around New York City. It incorporates the faces of the victims into a graphic memorial.

The September 11 Quilt Project »

A New York resident conceived a September 11 Quilts Memorial that would bring together the work of artists from around the world. She hoped that the quilts would enable viewers to persevere in the wake of their shock and sorrow, and develop a renewed appreciation of life.

America’s 9/11 Memorial Quilts Project »

Hundreds of participants across the country contributed time and talent to the realization of the nine themed quilts forming this memorial quilt project.

Beaded Flower Memorial Wreath Project »

After 9/11, members of the International French Beaded Flower Group (an online group with international participation) collected individually-made flowers and assembled glass-beaded floral memorial wreaths.

Betty & Dennis Nielsen’s Story: Offering Quilts of Comfort »

A couple made thousands of "Freedom Quilts" for the families who had lost loved ones on 9/11.

Joe McNally »

Longtime LIFE photographer and critically acclaimed photojournalist Joe McNally captured the impact of September 11, 2001 through a super-sized Polaroid camera. Listen as he describes the experience of photographing the experience.