America’s 9/11 Memorial Quilts Project

Hundreds of participants across the country contributed time and talent to the realization of the nine themed quilts forming this memorial quilt project led by Jeannie Ammerman, assisted by Bonnie Clark. Of those completed to date, the largest and most complex composition is the 60-feet long, “Victims’ Quilt” designed by Wisconsin quilt maker Connie Daniel in consultation with Jeannie Ammermann.

Traditionally, quilting has often been a communal activity, and America’s 9/11 Memorial Quilts Project is no exception; it represents a joining together of people across America from diverse backgrounds for the common purpose of paying tribute to the victims and heroes of 9/11. On September 9, 2006, the Victims’ Quilt was dedicated to the 9/11 families and accepted on their behalf by Bill Doyle, father of victim Joseph Doyle. In turn, Bill Doyle presented the quilt in the name of all 9/11 families to the Memorial Museum.