School Programs FAQs

A student  is among other audience members attending a school program in the auditorium. He is looking forward and bathed in blue light from the stage.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

Where do I check in?

Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled start time at the group entrance, located near the southeast corner of the Museum Pavilion. For directions to group check-in and information on bus access, click here.

What should students bring?

Bring as little as possible to expedite your entry. All items are screened in x-ray machines and all visitors will be asked to pass through magnetometers. We provide all necessary materials for student programs. Click here for security screening details.

Can students bring food to the Museum?

Food, gum, or beverages other than water are not permitted inside the Museum. The Museum does not have lunchroom facilities for students.

How long is a school program?

Guided school programs are a scheduled length of 90 minutes. Programs begin at 10 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 p.m., and 12:30 p.m.

What happens if we arrive late?

We cannot guarantee entry for late arrivals. Groups that arrive more than 30 minutes late will not receive a program and the visit will instead become self-guided.

Can we tour the Museum before or after the student program?

Your class may not enter the Museum before your designated start time. However, you may stay after your program to explore additional exhibits.

What areas of the Museum will my students see during their program?

Each program begins in the Education Center and explores specific sections of the Museum as outlined in the program descriptions. If you would like to explore additional exhibits with students, allow extra time after your program.

How many students can I bring for a school program?

The maximum group size is 30 students. Groups that arrive with more than 30 students will not receive a program.

How many chaperones should I bring?

We require one chaperone for every 10 students. Additional chaperones outside of this ratio must purchase tickets at full price, with exceptions for one-to-one aides supporting students with disabilities. We recommend no more than five chaperones per group.

What is the cost of a school visit?

Click here for full pricing information. For details regarding the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation grant, see below.

What schools are covered by the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation grant?

All guided school programs are free for New York City primary and secondary schools serving grades 3 through 12. Limited funding is also available for schools in New York State (outside of New York City), New Jersey, and Connecticut. Self-guided visits are not supported by the grant.

Are colleges, afterschool programs, or enrichment programs eligible for grant funding?

These groups are not covered by the grant and should contact the Group Sales Department directly ([212] 266-5200 or to schedule a self-guided visit.

How many students and chaperones can I bring to the grant-supported program?

What is the cancellation policy if my trip is grant-supported (i.e. free)?

Groups using grant funds must cancel within 14 days of their program. Schools that fail to adhere to this policy or fail to show up on the designated day of their trip risk suspension of their booking privileges.

Are there any materials I can use to prepare my students for our visit?

For lesson plans and helpful resources, visit the Students and Teachers and Resources sections.