Visitors Who Are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

 ASL @ 9/11 Memorial Museum
The 9/11 Memorial and Museum offers free monthly tours in American Sign Language, without voice interpretation for the ASL Community. Due to space constraints, no sign language students are permitted. Please contact (212) 312-8836 (VP) or for more information.

American Sign Language Video Tour App
An American Sign Language video tour is available through the 9/11 Museum Audio Guide app, which is downloadable to a visitor's smartphone or available via handheld devices at the Information Desk. This tour provides an overview of the events of 9/11 and its aftermath, as told through personal stories from families of 9/11 victims, survivors, first responders and others.

 Requesting American Sign Language Interpretation
American Sign Language interpretation is available free of charge for guided tours and public programs or events by request with two weeks advance notice. Please contact (646) 583-3419 (voice or VP), (212) 266-5212 (TTY) or to place a request.

 Captioning and Transcripts 
Open captioning or transcripts are available for all exhibition media installations that feature audio. For audio that accompanies video, open captioning is provided on the screen. For audio without video, captions are provided nearby on a printed label, transcript card, projection or monitor. For Rebirth at Ground Zero, captioning is provided on the 9/11 Museum Audio Guide app (available here), downloadable on a visitor’s smartphone or available on handheld devices upon request to any Museum staff outside of the Rebirth at Ground Zero installation.

 Real-Time Captioning 
Real-time captioning is available for public programs and events with three weeks advance notice. Please contact (646) 583-3419 (voice or VP), (212) 266-5212 (TTY) or to place a request.

 Assistive Listening Devices
Induction loops that transmit sound directly to visitors with T-coil compatible hearing aids and cochlear implants are installed throughout the Museum wherever there is audio, including in the exhibitions, auditorium and classrooms. All audio wands in the Museum are also T-coil compatible and have volume-control adjustment buttons. T-coil compatible neck loops to accompany the handheld devices are also available at the Information Desk.