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Pres. Obama on Viewing 9/11 Memorial: 'That's Beautiful'

(Staff photo) (Staff photo)

Gazing at the 9/11 Memorial through a skyscraper's floor-to-ceiling glass window, President Obama uttered two words on what he surveyed: "That's beautiful."

Many of the more than 3 million memorial visitors from all over the world couldn't agree with you more Mr. President.

"At the 9/11 Memorial . . . beautiful," Chad Stillwell shared on the social network Twitter. Emma from the United Kingdom said on that "The reflecting pools were beautiful." Kimberly Rene Oser of Queens said, "We paid another visit to the Memorial . . . with our niece and nephew. Just beautiful."

Yesterday, Obama traveled to the World Trade Center site to tour tower one, formerly called the Freedom Tower. From the 22nd floor of the building, Obama and the first lady had a very beautiful view of the memorial, which opened in September. The president was last at the World Trade Center site for the 10-year anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff