Group of middle school students in different skin tones write on clipboards inside the museum, with aluminum cladding visible in the background.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

9/11 Primer

The 9/11 Primer provides educators and online learners with foundational information about the World Trade Center and the Twin Towers, the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath, and the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site.

Six dark-haired men and women looking up to an artifact of a damaged 3-piece steel beams mounted on textured aluminum claddings.


The 9/11 Primer is divided into six thematic modules, each with a range of educational resources that help learners understand the events of 9/11, the antecedents of the attacks, and the ongoing repercussions of that day. These modules can be used in preparation for a visit to the Museum or as a guide for in-classroom teaching. The types of resources presented include primary sources, first-person video stories, public program video recordings, lesson plans, interactive timelines, and object highlights. Recommended grade levels for each resource are provided.

Image of a woman speaking in the Museum for the Anniversary in Schools webinar
Photo by Jin S. Lee

Anniversary Digital Learning Experience

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum invites teachers, students, libraries, and other community organizations to register for a free program commemorating the anniversary of 9/11.

Image of the back of a woman holding a young girl while looking at the Memorial parapet on a sunny day

Talking to Children About Terrorism

The following tips provide broad guidelines to help you talk to children and students about terrorist attacks in the United States and around the world.