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The 9/11 Memorial & Museum offers a collection of first-person accounts of the attacks and their aftermath as a part of the annual Anniversary Digital Learning Experience, formally known as Anniversary in the Schools. Individual stories are categorized by speaker type and video type below. Each video includes discussion questions to use while viewing.

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  • Keating Crown (Audio Description)

    One of just 18 people who survived from above the South Tower's impact zone. 

    • Type: Audio Description
  • Ada Dolch

    Lower Manhattan high school principal who spearheaded student evacuation while fearing for her sister, employed by Cantor Fitzgerald on the North Tower's 105th floor. 

    • Type: Captioned
  • Patrick McGee Sr.

    NYPD officer assigned to Emergency Service Squad 1, who was off duty but raced to help on 9/11, ultimately rescuing trapped PAPD officer Will Jimeno and Sargent John McLoughlin.

    • Type: Captioned
  • Patrick McGee Jr.

    New PAPD officer Pat McGee wears Shield Number 1117, the same one now-retired Officer Will Jimeno wore on 9/11 when Pat's father, Paddy, responded to Ground Zero and ultimately rescued him from the rubble. 

    • Type: Captioned