I waited A lonely, cloaked figure, wandering above the hustling square. Cars raced in a blur, Looming skyscrapers blinked, As I maneuvered by. I waited. I pulled the strings. I cut them. Howls and screeches were drowned, As a duet of ignitions roared. I witnessed drifting mortals, Sinking past gravity, Frantic and desperate. I collected their withering souls, Leaving the ponderous flesh behind, For those among the lifeless, For those among the carnage. I collected the children’s weeping souls, Wondering if I felt heavy hearted For their bird would never settle down. As I concluded my occupation, I could not help but notice, How much bad luck the symbols of the twin towers had brought. As the looming skyscrapers surrendered with a thundering storm, Life was darkened, sapphires in night's death.

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