My poignant view of the USA's three most iconic images, spelling out Patriotism and Freedom.
Details -

I have the pleasure enclosing my image called, "Give Me Your Tired" - a poignant view of three of the USA's most iconic images - and both of which have and always will be associated with freedom.

It is the same freedom one of my great-uncles received when he arrived on Ellis Island on July 28th, 1894, and when he obtained two USA patents in the field of gemstone cutting. Both patents which still stand to this day.

I, too, am hoping to follow in his footsteps and finally settle in this magnificent country soon.

As an artist - like my great uncle - I have the great pleasure showing you this piece, along with two others, which touch on the patriotism this country stands for.

Acrylic paint on cradled wood panel
34" x 48" x 2"