Details -

For this project I wanted to pay tribute to all the fireforces who did all they could to save people. Some of them have given their lives to protect the population.
And that’s what I would like to represent for 09/11.
We all know that 09/11 is a really tragic event but as I said, I really want to thanks the true heroes, in a way. This is why I decided to represent a fireman holding hands with twins. The twins represent the Twin Towers (namely, the World Trade Center).
I personified the towers with two little girls in order to say they were not just two buildings but also the lives of many thousands of people. In the background I decided to represent smoke because when I was younger one of the many things I heard about 09/11 is that there was so much smoke. The protagonists show their back to us because they are escaping the danger and they take a new start. The sky also stands for the ascent to heaven of all the victims and heroes who died during the attack.

Digital drawing