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It was truly a terrifying day, not only for the United States, but also for the whole world.
It was as if time had stopped for everyone who managed to see that event, regardless of the place they were. « Yes I remember that, I was looking at the TV and then... »
Their memory is as clear as the first day they’ve seen that. So for us, the stopping of time concept was important since it represented the « end of an era ». Furthermore, the concept of « fall » was also something we wanted to incorporate inside our work. Not just because of the fall of the victims, or because of the planes, but because in French we have an expression which is, without malicious meaning, pretty well fitting : « nous sommes tombés de haut » which could be translated litteraly by : « we fell from high ».
Typography is Optima, which is the same we used in order to write the names of the fallen during the tragedy on the memorial.

Vector drawing