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Even if I wasn’t born when it happened, everyone in my family told me about it. I grew up knowing what happened till I was born. People in France were so shocked by seeing those planes hitting the Twin Towers and then falling in New York.
Someone said, « I thought it was a Hollywood’s film but later I was terrified because it was real ».
Everybody in France were startled by seeing this on TV and so to illustrate this emotion I drew a glass of wine which is breaking on the floor illustrating the heartbreaking feeling that all French citizens felt by seeing the September 11 attacks. Next, I drew a puddle of wine flowing on the ground which is reminiscent of the blood of the victims.
I added a reflection of the towers about to be hit by the plane in the puddle. I chose the blue, white and red colours to allude to the United States obviously but also thinking about the French flag.
We all let our glass of wine fall by seeing what happened.

Vector drawing