9/11 – A Retrospective Memorial

Two decades have passed since the Twin Towers came down

Two decades since Flight 93 crashed with a bound


Thousands were gone – could this possibly be real?

Staring in stunned silence – not sure what to feel


Our country was invaded by the worst kind of evil

Our unshakeable resilience – no one would steal


Ground Zero was a smoldering pit of destruction

The result of an attack without any compunction


So many innocent victims – a tragic list of names

Those left behind would never, ever be the same


The Firemen & Policemen were racing toward the danger

Their minds & hearts filled with fear and anger


Folks from all over the world were extending a helping hand

To help start the healing over what happened to our land


It was much more than people that day that were lost

Our shattered ideals became part of the cost


Broken yet defiant that so many lives were destroyed

Our military personnel were quickly deployed


We came together as one, with the same purpose in mind

Suddenly a stranger was a new friend in kind


American flags displayed everywhere – a demonstration of pride

While we continued to mourn for all those who had died


September 11th – a day that shall live in infamy

The events of 9/11 deeply affected me


Whenever the news footage is shown – to this day I still cry

For one question will never be answered; that question is WHY?


Our fighting anthem became "We Will Never Forget"

And remember we always will – a tragedy we’ll always regret

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