9/11 hanging sculpture/installation
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Hanging sculpture/installation. The office paper falling from the sky that day inspired this work of art. The broken black pieces have numbers inscribed. The black references kriah: a Hebrew word meaning “tearing”. The ancient Jewish practice of tearing clothes is a tangible expression of grief and anger in the face of death. Originally, people tore their clothing to represent their loss, but today it is often done with a black ribbon and worn before a funeral service begins. It is a way to show outwardly that you are in mourning. I chose to represent this expression of grief in the broken black pieces that represent flight numbers, times of impact and fall, numbers of deceased: 

8:46 time plane hit WTC I
9:03 time plane hit WTC II
9:59 time WTC II fell
10:28 time WTC I fell
19 hijackers
2,753 WTC fatalities
2,977 total fatalities
343 NYFD fatalities
23 NYPD fatalities
37 Port Authority officer fatalities
184 Pentagon fatalities
40 Shanksville fatalities
77 AA flight # - Pentagon
94 UA flight # - Shanksville
11 AA flight # - WTC I
175 UA flight # - WTC II


photo credit: Karson Photography

porcelain, monofilament line, wood, mixed media
8' x 5' x 5'