Jennifer Glick

Family Member

Teacher / Founder and Executive Director, Jeremy's Heroes

Jennifer Glick is the founder and executive director of Jeremy’s Heroes, a nonprofit foundation established to help children in low-income areas build character and confidence through sports. Glick established the foundation in honor of her brother, Jeremy Glick, one of the passengers who participated in the counterattack against the hijackers aboard United Airlines Flight 93.

Glick has been a middle school teacher at New York Public School 108 in Harlem since 2014, teaching seventh- and eighth-grade English language arts classes, as well as a self-contained, eighth-grade English language arts class. She was also a NYC Teaching Fellow. Prior to teaching, Glick was a lawyer with Brooklyn Defender Services.

Glick has a bachelor of arts degree from Union College and a JD from New York Law School, and she is receiving her master's degree in special education from City College. Additionally, she is a member of the Upper Saddle River Running Moms Committee and is a successful fundraiser for several causes, including the Flight 93 National Memorial.