The 9/11 Memorial Preview Site is featured in 'citybuzz'

The 9/11 Memorial Preview Site is featured in 'citybuzz'

The 9/11 Memorial Preview Site is creating a buzz.

The Preview Site is featured in a video made for Citybuzz, a traveler's broadcast shown in nearly 200 hotels in New York and Chicago, convention centers and aboard commercial flights.

The video highlights places to see and the things to do in New York City, including the Preview Site. At the 28-minute mark of the video, listen to 9/11 Memorial Joe Daniels describe the space as a "preview of what will be in the memorial museum."

Citybuzz joins the Alliance for the Arts, which advocates for New York City’s cultural institutions, to take notice of what the  9/11 Memorial Preview Site has to offer.

The AFTA Journal, the alliance’s publication, said:

"Since opening in Lower Manhattan in late August 2009, half a million people have visited the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, according to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Approximately 75 percent of visitors are believed to be international tourists. The site, located at 20 Vesey Street, contains information on the [National] September 11 Memorial & Museum, which is scheduled to open in September 2011."

The Preview Site, an attraction for all ages,  provides visitors with authentic artifacts, detailed architecture models, renderings and an on-site recording booth for collecting 9/11-related stories and remembrances.  Through a partnership with EarthCam, visitors can also view live footage at the WTC construction site through a webcam.

There are electronic kiosks allowing visitors to view this real-time construction, print the images or send them to friends and family.  Special programming  is also taking place at the site. It’s now home to the “9/11, Today and Tomorrow” speakers series.

By Michael Frazier, Sr. Communications Manager for the 9/11 Memorial