The Survivor Tree stands slightly to the left in this photograph of the Memorial plaza. The tree's dark green leaves are contrasted by the lighter green leaves of the trees on either side of it.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

Health and Safety

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for all visitors and staff, following all city, state, and federal safety precautions. All visitors must wear CDC-approved masks and prepare for ongoing operational changes being made to ensure a safe Museum experience for all. The Memorial reserves the right to ask visitors who do not follow these guidelines to leave the premises.

Masks or face coverings are required

This black and white graphic depicts a face masks used to keep safe during the pandemic.

Masks or face coverings are required

All visitors and staff are required to wear masks or face coverings. Masks with vents or valves should not be worn because they are not effective at stopping COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Check the CDC website for guidance on mask safety. Masks can also be purchased through the 9/11 Memorial & Museum's "buy one, give one" initiative where essential workers will receive a mask for every one purchased from the 9/11 Memorial Museum Store. Disposable masks also will be available on site.

Social Distancing is mandatory

This black and white graphic shows two human figures separated by an arrow denoting six-feet distance.

Social distancing is mandatory

Please maintain a distance of six feet from all visitors and staff at all times. Families and groups visiting together must maintain a distance of six feet from other visitors. Please be patient.

Please do not enter if you’re feeling ill

This black and white graphic depicts a person and a thermometer. Both have a line through indicating "no" because visitors with temperatures  or feeling ill should not visit the memorial.

Please do not enter if you’re feeling ill

If you are feeling ill, please stay home. 

Please use hand sanitizer during your visit

This black and white graphic shows a large drop of hand sanitizer being added to hands, visually conveying the message to "please use hand sanitizer."

Please use hand sanitizer during your visit

Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the plaza. Please use hand sanitizer after touching the Memorial names panels.

Social Distancing and Safety Considerations

  • The entrance to the 9/11 Memorial is on Greenwich Street across from the Oculus.
  • The exit is on Liberty Street, on the south side of the plaza.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations will be available throughout the plaza.
  • Tours (of any kind) are currently not permitted on the plaza for social distancing reasons, in line with state guidance.
  • The Memorial is cleaned and disinfected in line with CDC/EPA guidelines.
  • The 9/11 Memorial & Museum has taken the STAY WELL NYC PLEDGE.
  • Are you traveling to or returning to New York? Please review and follow New York's guidelines outlined in its travel advisory for anyone returning from states with significant cases of COVID-19.