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All 8,000 Tons of Memorial Steel Now Installed at the WTC

The 9/11 Memorial is just 472 days away from opening on September 11, 2011. The construction momentum is mounting with the achievement of a new milestone -- 100% of the Memorial's structural steel is now in place.  This steel, weighing more than 8,000 tons, is more than was used to build the Eiffel Tower.  To date, more than 85% of the project's concrete has been poured. The total amount of concrete will be 49,000 cubic yards, equaling twice the volume of the Macy’s building in Herald Square, New York.

About 400 construction workers are on site daily, getting the waterfalls' mechanical pumps installed, waterproofing the Memorial Plaza, and prepping for the installation of hundreds of oak trees starting later this summer.

As seen in the recent aerial photo posted above, the Memorial site is marked by real, visible progress. You can track the project's construction through EarthCam's live webcam.