Inside the 9/11 Memorial Museum: 'We Remember' Exhibit Preview

Inside the 9/11 Memorial Museum: 'We Remember' Exhibit Preview

(L) “We Remember” mockup; courtesy of Local Projects. (R) “We Remember” rendering; courtesy of Thinc Design with Local Projects

Earlier this week, staff and exhibition designers for the 9/11 Memorial Museum previewed one of the first exhibits that would be experienced after entering the museum. The “We Remember” exhibit is a multimedia soundscape display that conveys the global nature of 9/11 and features overlapping voices of people around the world remembering where they were when they first heard the news of the 2001 terror attacks.


“The amazing technology being used in the ‘We Remember’ exhibit allows us to focus on the human dimension of history by narrating the personal stories behind these events, all while giving people a unique experience as they begin their journey through the museum,” said Alice Greenwald, 9/11 Memorial Museum director.


The museum has collected more than 7,000 recordings in at least 15 different languages for this introductory exhibit.  To contribute to “We Remember,” visitors to the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site at 20 Vesey St. can share their own 9/11 recollections in the on-site recording booths.


By 9/11 Memorial staff